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What is ClassicPro?

ClassicPro is a plugin for Winamp that will allow you to use a new type of skin in Winamp Media Player. What makes this type of skin different from normal modern skins is that all the coding stuff is already done in one central place so you don't need to be a programmer to create a great Winamp skin anymore! The advantages are not just for the skinners though, artistic people can now create great skins easily, and this means we'll see more beautiful skins by great artists!

ClassicPro skins use an advanced single-user-interface which is really easy to use. The great thing is cPro appeals both to the advanced Winamp user and the minimalistic user who would for example just want to use the playlist. This means ClassicPro will probably fit you like a glove no matter who you are! If you are used to a Classic Winamp skin and didn't want to switch to the modern skins of the past then we urge you to give this a test drive since this skin type was designed especially for the old school user who might need a minimalistic approach to their favourite media player.

The 2 main key focus points in the development was as follows:

  • Performance - Winamp must load quick and use as little resources running as possible
  • Easy Interface - The interface must be easy to understand and give enough play for the experienced users too

Download ClassicPro plugin

Introduction to ClassicPro skins

File:Http:// 04.jpg

ClassicPro skins are basically pre-coded Winamp Modern Skins. The advantage of this is that the skinner dont have to spend months coding the skin anymore and can just edit a few picture files and have a fully working skin. All the coding of the skin is installed in one central place by the cPro plugin and then this plugin is maintained by the developer. So when the plugin installs new features or fixes your skin will automatically have them too.

For more information make a post at their forums: SkinConsortium Forums

Tools needed to create a skin

  • Graphics Editor
    • Paint, Corel PSP, Adobe PS, GIMP, Paint.NET
  • Text Editor
    • Notepad, Notepad2, Notepad++
  • Archiver
    • 7zip, WinZip, WinRar
  • ClassicPro plug-in