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General Rule of Thumb

The policies and guidelines outlined should be followed as closely as possible; however, exceptions should be made if the update is for the greater good of the Developer Connect wiki. In general, you should follow best practices found at other user/community generated sites (such as Wikipedia, or developer networks).

Policies and Guidelines

Account Creation

• Prior to contributing to the Developer Connect wiki, you will be required to create an account.


  • Please feel free to contribute accurate and up-to-date content
    • Including additional information on topics that are not adequately defined or discussed
    • Rewrite out-out-date or inaccurate content
  • Be sure that your correction/update will have general consensus prior to making the change
    • Should you have any doubt or should there be a conflict in opinion, please resolve the dispute collaboratively, rather than maliciously overriding each others posts. You can use the Discussion section of this wiki or alternatively create a forum thread to address unresolved issues.

Content Creation

  • The addition of supplementary articles and samples is strongly encouraged
    • Please attempt to follow the template(s) of preexisting pages as closely as possible
  • The creation of additional “major” topic headings should be given special consideration and community consensus should be gained prior to including. (Use the Discussion section or create a forum thread).

Content Deletion

  • Removing out-of-date, inaccurate, or inappropriate content is recommended
  • Be careful deleting entire sections or pages
    • You need to ensure community consensus. (Again, use the Discussion section or create a forum thread)
    • You should consider moving this content to an archived section
    • Certain pages will be locked and cannot be edited. Should you wish to suggest edits to these pages or suggest pages that should be locked, please send an Email to the following listserv support@winamp.com

Policy Enforcement

  • Individuals who are found to be disruptive will have their account and/or IP address blocked
    • Disruptive individuals are defined as: anyone who intentionally contributes inaccurate, outdated, or harmful information. Including anyone that attempts to advertize, vandalize, or spam the site. As well as those that do not follow the policies and guidelines spelled out above.
  • If you’d like to report contributors who are abusing the “good faith” efforts of the Developer Connect community, please send an email to support@winamp.com with the following information: screen name, details of your concern/complaint, links to example abuse, and any other critical information.