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Creating a Classic Skin: The Base Skin --> Paint the Main Window --> Paint the Equalizer Window --> Paint the Playlist Window --> Paint the Minibrowser Window --> Paint the AVS Window --> Paint the Winamp 2.9/5.x Windows --> Create Custom Cursors --> Edit the Configuration Files --> Compress to .WSZ format --> Submit to

The Winamp Base Skin

The Base Skin is a copy of the default skin built into Winamp. All you have to do to skin Winamp is paint over or replace a skin component with your own design and voila, your own personalized version of Winamp. You can replace any or all of the components in a skin. Anything you don't replace will use its Base Skin counterpart. Naturally the Base Skin components will look out of place, so we suggest changing every file.

--Kenzo31 15:53, 27 January 2009 (UTC)--Kenzo31 15:53, 27 January 2009 (UTC)=The Base Skin Breakdown=

The Base Skin can be split into 6 logical segments which consist of the following files:

1) Main:

     Main.bmp: Main Frame
     Titlebar.bmp: Titlebar
     Cbuttons.bmp: Control Buttons
     Shufrep.bmp: Shuffle and Repeat Buttons
     Volume.bmp: Volume Bar
     Balance.bmp: Balance Bar
     Monoster.bmp: Mono/ Stereo Indicators
     Posbar.bmp: Position Bar
     Playpaus.bmp: Play/Paused Indicators
     Numbers.bmp: Digit Reference
     Text.bmp: Text Reference

2) Equalizer:

     Eqmain.bmp: Equalizer Main Frame
     Eq_ex.bmp: Equalizer Window Shade Bar

3) Playlist:

     Pledit.bmp: Playlist Editor Frame/Buttons

4) Mini-browser:

     Mb.bmp: Mini-browser Frame

5) AVS:

     Avs.bmp: AVS Frame

6) For Winamp 2.9/5.x: (Thanks to Jellby)

     Video.bmp: Video Window
     Gen.bmp: General Purpose Window
     Genex.bmp: General Purpose Buttons and Sliders