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API License Terms
'''API License Terms'''<br />
[https://shoutcast.com/Legal/LicenseAPI https://shoutcast.com/Legal/LicenseAPI]
[https://shoutcast.com/Legal/LicenseAPI https://shoutcast.com/Legal/LicenseAPI]

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SHOUTcast API Usage Restrictions

By using our API, you agree to the following restrictions which are in place to protect the SHOUTcast brand and ServiceMark.

  • Please do not hammer the servers. We request reasonable usage and recommend that you utilize local caching.
  • Do not copy the shoutcast.com design, make your design as original as possible.
  • We reserve the right to revoke access for DevIDs which abuse the system.
  • We have included official logos for your usage below (with more to follow later).

API License Terms

SHOUTcast Logos

Here are the SHOUTcast logos which can be used according to the above guidelines

Shoutcast Logo