Modern Skin: Winamp 2 to W3+

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Creating a Modern Skin --> Intro --> Winamp 2 to Winamp 3+ --> Simple Skin Tutorial --> XML Intro --> Simple Skin Tutorial (Continued) --> Container --> Group --> Relative Positioning --> Complex Skin --> Non-Rect Player --> Layer Composition --> Alpha Channels --> Animatedlayer --> Snap Points --> Drawers --> Skin Scripting --> Drawer Scripting --> Animating a Skin --> Maki Overview --> Glossary

Transitioning from Winamp 2 and venturing into the new world of modern skinning with Winamp 3+!

  • Basically a quick start for Winamp 2 Pros
  • Purpose
    • Explain how has the skinning process fundamentally changed from Winamp 2
    • Difference in the engine and philosophy
  • Highlighting the key areas to consider and emphasizing the new dynamic nature of the player.
  • Include/Link to: an overview of new components with the new Winamp3. Maybe doing a comprehensive list of all the Components (top to bottom) would be helpful.
  • Maybe even a definition/glossary of all the components along with a detailed outline of the functionality of each component would also come in handy. Perhaps a FAQ. An example would be a definition of what the "Thinger" is and what it functionality is and maybe even to go so far as to what it's limitations are.