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Glossary of Terms

  • Agent - Winamp's taskbar component. Maintains file type associations.
  • APE - Advanced Plug-in Effect. Third party Effect Module created for AVS.
  • AVS - Advanced Visualization Studio comes bundled with Winamp. Allows endless user customization.
  • Base Skin - The standard skin built into Winamp. Also the downloadable template used to create new skins.
  • Bookmark - Winamp feature that allows quick access to favorite songs or streams.
  • Codec - Short for coder/decoder. A software program for converting between digital data and analog signals. Winamp uses codecs to play many different kinds of audio files.
  • Developer - Any one who creates a skin or writes an application or plug-in for Winamp.
  • Discussion List - A mailing list hosted by to help foster the developer community.
  • DLL - Dynamically Linked Library. A Win32 property that allows Winamp's plug-in architecture.
  • DoubleSize Mode - Winamp option that doubles the width and height of the Main and Equalizer components.
  • DSP Plug-in - A plug-in that manipulates audio data before being sent to the speakers.
  • Easter Egg - A programming term used for a hidden, often humorous feature.
  • Equalizer - Winamp component that allows audio tweaking for optimal sound quality.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Forum - A message board hosted by to help foster the Winamp community.
  • Flounder - Any of various marine flatfishes of the families Bothidae and Pleuronectidae, which include important food fishes.
  • General Purpose Plug-in - A plug-in that does not require access to audio data.
  • Input Plug-in - A plug-in that adds a new file type to Winamp's list of supported types.
  • IPC - Inter-process communication. Basically, anytime one program communicates with another.
  • Language Pack - A special plug-in that translates most Winamp text.
  • Llama - A domesticated South American ruminant mammal (Lama glama) related to the camel, raised for its soft, fleecy wool. The only animal fully endorsed by Nullsoft.
  • Mini-browser - Winamp component that allows internet browsing during audio play.
  • MP3 - MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. A digital audio compression algorithm that acheives a compression factor of about twelve while preserving sound quality.
  • NSDN - Nullsoft Developers Network. The developers source for official Nullsoft information.
  • NSIS - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. Nullsoft's in-house installer utility. Required for plug-in installation.
  • Nullsoft - Group of benevolent artisans who revolutionize the computer world on a regular basis.
  • Output Plug-in - A plug-in that directs audio flow to one or more destinations.
  • PiMP - Plug-in Mini Packager. Predecessor to NSIS.
  • PMP - Portable Media Player. Creative Zen, Apple iPod, etc. Not to be confused with the original name for NSIS (PiMP).
  • Playlist Editor - Winamp component that allows easy sorting and sequencing of audio files.
  • Plug-in - Basis of Winamp architecture. Allows third parties to add functionality to Winamp by "plugging in" additional code.
  • Preset - Visually pleasing sequence of Effect Modules in AVS or Milkdrop.
  • SDK - Software Development Kit. All the tools you need to perform a programming job.
  • SHOUTcast - Nullsoft's internet streaming MP3 solution.
  • Skin - Interchangeable visual interface for Winamp.
  • Visualization Plug-in - A plug-in that uses audio data to drive graphics.
  • WAL - Required format for Modern skins before submittal.
  • WAV - Widely used uncompressed audio format. Usually more than 10X larger than MP3.
  • Winamp - The ultimate high-fidelity music player for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Winamp supports MP3, CD and other audio formats, not to mention hundreds of plug-ins and thousands of skins.
  • - Official website of Winamp. Houses all approved skins, plug-ins, updates, forums, etc.
  • WindowShade Mode - Winamp option that shrinks most components to a narrow bar with only most basic functionality.
  • WSZ - Required format for Classic skins before submittal.
  • WVS - Obsolete name for AVS.

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