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==Description/Overview of Modern Skinning==
Modern or Freeform skins were originally designed to work with Winamp3. What separates them from the average skin is the fact that they are not confined to the classic rectangular shape. In fact they can be any shape you want them to be and you can put the Winamp control buttons anywhere you want. Some skinners have even added extra buttons that extend the functionality of Winamp right there on the skin. Sounds too good to be true huh? Well these skins require a bit more coding to make and some of the graphics that go into them are quite large. Consequently, Freeform skins may take a bit longer to download from our site and they may take a few extra seconds to load when you switch from one skin to another. But trust me when I say that Freeform skins are worth the extra time and effort. Skin developers have done some incredible things with these skins. You have to check them out.
== XML ==
Here is your reference guide for XML coding.
* '''[[XML Reference]]'''
==Tools Needed to Build a Modern Skin==
*'''[http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/plugin-dev/WaSDP_1.1.exe Winamp Skin Development Pack]'''
*[[Color Editor]]
==Individual Components==
*[[Modern Skin: Intro|Intro]]
*[[Modern Skin: Winamp 2 to W3+|Winamp 2 to Winamp 3+]]
*[[Modern Skin: Simple Skin Tutorial|Simple Skin Tutorial]]
*[[Modern Skin: XML Intro|XML Intro]]
*[[Modern Skin: Simple Skin Tutorial (Continued)|Simple Skin Tutorial (Continued)]]
*[[Modern Skin: Container| Container]]
*[[Modern Skin: Group|Group]]
*[[Modern Skin: Relative Positioning| Relative Positioning]]
*[[Modern Skin: Complex Skin|Complex Skin]]
*[[Modern Skin: Non-Rect Player| Non-Rect Player]]
*[[Modern Skin: Layer Composition| Layer Composition]]
*[[Modern Skin: Alpha Channels| Alpha Channels]]
*[[Modern Skin: Animatedlayer|Animatedlayer]]
*[[Modern Skin: Snap Points|Snap Points]]
*[[Modern Skin: Drawers|Drawers]]
*[[Modern Skin: Skin Scripting| Skin Scripting]]
*[[Modern Skin: Drawer Scripting| Drawer Scripting]]
*[[Modern Skin: Animating a Skin|Animating a Skin]]
*[[Modern Skin: Maki Overview| Maki Overview]]
===Downloadable PDF===
You can [http://media.winamp.com/5541/main/downloads/development/skinsmodern/Winamp-Modern-Skins-Tutorial.pdf download the tutorial] in PDF format for quick reference anytime

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